Wine Transportation & Shipping

What we do

For all long term and temporary storage clients, HRC offers transportation options.

Wine needs to maintain a consistent temperature while in transit. Sharp changes to the wine’s temperature can shock the wine and affect its aging and quality. We move wine safely and securely in temperature controlled vehicles.


Why we do it better

Only trained and insured wine moving professionals touch your wine.

Horse Ridge Cellars staff personally transport your wine to its destination. If your needs fall outside the scope of HRC’s capabilities, we have a network of approved carriers who can help move your wine to anywhere in the country. We only work with insured carriers who are trusted in the wine moving industry.

When you make a request, we will advise you if we think weather conditions may adversely affect your order.  We send wine in styrofoam containers to ensure that your wine reaches its destination without being damaged.

We also offer regular deliveries to Fairfield County and other surrounding areas. So if you need a few bottles for a dinner or celebration – Horse Ridge Cellars will personally deliver them to your door.