How to Store Wine at HRC

Here’s how storing with HRC works:

 Getting Started:

  • You call us or request account opening info information
  • We take the time to understand your unique wine storage and transportation needs
  • We provide you with a detailed  estimate and account opening information


Transportation and Storage:

  • We’ll pick up your wine. Or you can arrange delivery or drop it off.
  • We inventory each bottle by vintage, vineyard, type, region and size.
  • We check each bottle’s condition and alert you if there are major concerns.
  • We repack loose bottles in our double thick corrugated boxes to keep them safe.
    • We have boxes for every size bottle up to 6L.
    • We keep all bottles in original corrugated and original wood cases.
  • We store your wine in a dedicated part of the warehouse.
    • The wine is kept on its side to ensure the cork stays wet and maintains a tight seal.
  • Your wine is fully insured against fire, theft, breakage and water damage.
  • If you purchase more wine – you can have it shipped directly to us and we’ll add it to your collection.


Getting Your Wine

While storing with HRC, you may want to drink some wines, send some bottles as holiday gifts, or sell some of your collection at auction. We make regular deliveries. Here’s how to get your wine:

  • Access your inventory online
  • To request which bottles or cases you want, send us an email
  • We’ll ensure that your wine gets to you in the best temperature controlled manner:
    • Shipping your bottles in an insulated styrofoam shipper, during the coolest days possible
    • Delivering your wine in a temperature controlled truck
    • Or you can schedule a pick up at the warehouse