What to Know

Through the cold winters and hot summers of New England, you need to know that your wine won’t be harmed in the event of a natural disaster, a power outage or a fuel shortage.

Many wine storage facilities rely solely on HVAC equipment to maintain temperatures and humidity.  During a disaster, the equipment relies on back-up generators that require fuel. In a natural disaster, however fuel shortages can occur, disabling critical equipment and leaving your wine unprotected from the elements.

At Horse Ridge Cellars

At HRC, we have top of the line heating and cooling systems that provide a cost-benefit to our customers.

HRC’s state of the art, geo-thermal heating and cooling system maintains a constant temperature of 55º and 70% humidity all year round. The systems are super-efficient and good for the planet. This keeps our costs down, so HRC can pass the savings on to you.

In the event of a power outage, HRC maintains fuel reserves and back-up generators to power our heating and cooling systems. Since our systems are extremely efficient, we can extend the output of our cooling system for long periods of time – even with low fuel reserves

If a long-term fuel shortage were to occur – like the 2012 Hurricane Sandy outage in NYC – your wine would be safe at Horse Ridge Cellars. Our underground facility will naturally maintain the 55°F temperature and 70% humidity by being insulated by the earth.

So, even if our main and backup systems are offline, your wine will be safe during the hottest and coldest days of the year. We call this our 3 Stage Temperature Protection guarantee.

For pickups and deliveries, all of our vehicles are temperature controlled to ensure that your wine remains under optimal conditions door to door.