Our Wine Professionals

Collectors, investors, wholesalers, retailers and distributors have one thing in common: you need to trust the people who are taking care of your wine. Here’s a little about HRC’s wine professionals.

About Horse Ridge Cellars

The facility operated as a bomb-proof documents storage facility for over 30 years. After falling out of use, Jed and Amie Benedict acquired the 10,000 sq ft underground warehouse in 2000. While working on their MBAs, they hatched the plan for Horse Ridge Cellars. In 2000, Jed and Amie submitted their business plan for a wine storage facility to an entrepreneurship competition, won first prize and received seed capital to begin Horse Ridge Cellars.

Horse Ridge Cellars has been very successful. Jed is active in the wine community. He attends tastings and has built a solid clientele through word of mouth. Over the past two decades, Jed’s efforts have filled HRC to the brim with wine.

In 2012, HRC grew to capacity and needed more storage space. Jed built an adjacent 14,000 sq ft underground warehouse to accommodate the influx of new clients.

Now – meet the people you’ll be working with:

  • Jed Benedict
  • Ben Davis
  • Erich Bennar

Jed Benedict  Proprietor / Cellar Master 

Jed loves wine and is wicked friendly.
Your wine is a personal investment  – and Jed understands this. He treats your wine collection with as much care and attention as his own.

Jed’s passion for wine began when he was working in New York City and living in Greenwich. He caught the bug for wine from his Wall Street colleagues and hometown buddies. Jed traversed the CT wine trail and made pilgrimages to his favorite vineyards in Napa Valley and Sonoma County.

When it comes to storing wine, you want another wine enthusiast looking after your collection.

Get him on the phone and he’ll chat you up about bold Cabs, spicy Zins and the ideal conditions to store them in.

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Ben Davis – Inventory Manager

Ben knows the most obscure things.

A master of trivia – Ben can explain in detail the entire process of turning grapes into wine. He knows the vineyard, type and designation of a wine by the color, font and shape of the label.  Ben can tell you the appellation, climate, and geography of even the most obscure Burgundy wines.

When he’s not at HRC, he devotes his time to his loving family, and tempers his knowledge of child development with love of his daughter. When it comes to inventory – he’s inspected hundreds of thousands of bottles from every corner of the world. And keeps every mental image neatly organized in his brain.

If you ever have a question about your inventory, Ben’s knowledgeable inventory staff will undoubtedly have the answer.

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Erich Bennar – Warehouse Manager  

Erich runs a tight ship.

Nothing gets in or out of the warehouse without him knowing about it. He keeps records upon records of every request for every bottle that comes in or leaves the warehouse. Erich never misses a beat when it comes to customer service and meeting clients’ needs. He can juggle auction deadlines, international shipments and emergency requests for tomorrow night’s wine tasting, all while keeping the vault’s guard dog well-fed and on the lookout.

Erich’s warehouse staff is a well-oiled machine. If you need something done – they’ll have it prepared and ready to go before you can say ‘gewurztraminer’.

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