About HRC

Your wine is important.  We keep it safe, secure and under the ideal temperature for wine storage. Our heating and cooling systems keep your wine at 55 degrees and 70% humidity. Being underground we have an extra 8-10ft of earth insulating the building.

We are located within a couple hours from New York City,  and Boston and make regular deliveries and pick-ups in surrounding areas.  So – your wine is just a phone call away.

Protection from Natural Disasters

In the event of a man-made or natural disaster, your wine will not be affected. We provide 3 Stage Temperature Protection against natural disasters and power outages, so you never have to worry about the outside conditions affecting your wine. 

Also – we are 900ft above sea level. Our hillside location provides ample runoff for rain. So our facilities won’t flood.

Explore Our Facility:

  • Temperature & Humidity  – Ideal 55 degrees and 70% humidity. Learn about our 3 Stage Temperature Protection
  • Equipment  – Backup generators, geothermal heating/cooling, good for the environment and your wallet.
  • Security – Underground, 1.5 ft thick concrete walls, 12 ton safe door, intrusion detection.
  • Disaster Protection & Recovery – No flooding, 900ft above sea level, fire suppression, off-site data backups, client notifications and business continuity plan.
  • Location – Conveniently located between Boston and New York City.
  • Vibrations – No urban, highway, or equipment vibrations.
  • Natural Light – No harmful UV light.
  • Air Filtration – Removes mold spores and allergens.
  • History of HRC Wine Vault – Built to withstand a Cold War nuclear attack.
  • Our Wine Professionals – The specially trained folks who care for your wine.