Delivery & Pickups

What we do

For storage clients, we offer deliveries to and pickups from:

  • your house
  • other storage facilities
  • other places that are holding your wine

Also – we make regular trips to Fairfield County and surrounding areas. Just ask for certain cases or bottles and we’ll help you replenish your home cellar, or retrieve that special bottle for next week’s wine tasting.


Why we do it better

Since Horse Ridge Cellars is a little off the beaten path, we go the extra mile (quite literally) to keep your wine accessible.

While other storage facilities charge for small deliveries – we don’t charge clients who are on our regular pickup/delivery routes.

If you can’t have something shipped to your home or office, you can have your wine shipped to HRC and stored here. Our staff is here Monday – Friday, 9-5 in order to receive your shipments.

If you ever need to pick up your wine, HRC is conveniently located off major highways in northwestern CT. Call to arrange an appointment: 860-763-5380