What to Know

Location plays an important part in the availability and security of your wine.

While it may seem convenient to have constant physical access to your wine, there are drawbacks. Warehouses in urban and suburban areas are subject to traffic and industrial vibrations that can affect wine aging. Being convenient for you and the public means that your collection is more susceptible to theft or man-made disasters.

At Horse Ridge Cellars

You can have peace of mind knowing that your wine is securely stored behind 15 inches of concrete, and under 8-10 feet of earth. HRC is in a hidden, low traffic area that’s still close enough to get wine when you want it.

In rural Connecticut, there is no risk of subways, trucks or traffic shaking the building and your wine. Being underground, the earth absorbs vibrations from outside equipment or vehicles.

And when we say ‘your wine is just a phone call away’ we mean it! We are conveniently located between major metropolitan areas including Boston and New York City. We also make regular deliveries and pickups in New Jersey and other parts of New England. So if you need something removed from or put into your collection, just give us a call.

Conveniently Located