Storage & Aging Wine

What we do

Horse Ridge Cellars specializes in storing and aging fine wine collections – for any length of time. We care for 200-bottle collections as well as 2,000+ case collections. And we offer regular deliveries for both short and long term storage. Our goal is to ensure that your wine is always accessible to you – so distance isn’t a concern.

We work with private collectors and investors, wine retailers and wholesalers, wine distributors, and wine transportation specialists. We provide both long term storage solutions, and temporary options for moving wine collections. Maybe your wine cellar is full? Or your storage area requires a place for overflow? Maybe you need a place for your wine to stop while it’s in transit? Maybe you need a cool dark place to age those Bordeauxs or California Cabs? That’s where HRC comes in..

Our underground facility retains a constant temperature of 55 degrees and 70% humidity, is free from harmful vibrations and UV light, and is within driving distance to Boston, New York City and New Jersey.


Why we do it better

Horse Ridge Cellars focuses on storing and aging wine – that’s all!

We don’t spread ourselves thin with peripheral transactions and services. Every person at HRC understands the value of your wine and how to properly care for it. We focus on keeping your wine organized, secure and accessible – so you don’t have to.

Also – we get to know your specific collecting style and attend to your collection accordingly. Are you concerned about the condition of bottles that wine shops ship to HRC? We look out for the things that you look out for. We make it easy for you to store wine, with the confidence that our staff is looking out for you.

We also offer a 3-Stage Temperature Protection guarantee that no other facility in the area can offer. Learn more about how HRC’s exclusive 3-Stage Temperature Protection works.