Insurance for Wine

What we do

Horse Ridge Cellars offers the option for clients to insure wine in our facility against fire, theft, breakage and water damage. Insurance costs 1.5% of the value as indicated by the customer and is not required.


Why we do it better

While wine insurance is pretty standard at most wine storage facilities, we understand the value of your wine.

For many wine enthusiasts, it’s not just a hobby, but a passion. Whether you have been collecting for years, or you are just starting out – we understand how important each bottle is to you. We know because everyone at HRC maintains their own collections here. That’s why we treat each and every bottle here as if it were our own.

HRC maintains a staff of fully trained and insured wine professionals. Additionally, we have high standards to prevent loss and employ rigid inventory control methods to track every bottle that arrives at or leaves our facility. So, even if you don’t insure your wine through us – you can trust that HRC is committed to keeping your wine safe.