Temperature & Humidity

What to know:

The ideal temperature to store wine is 55ºF, and the ideal humidity is 70%.

Whether you plan to drink it in 6 months or 20 years, wine requires a constant temperature while in storage. Large fluctuations in temperature can damage the wine. At lower temperatures, the flavors in wine take too long to develop. At higher temperatures, wine ages at an accelerated rate. Most experts agree that 55º is the closest thing to a gold standard.

The right humidity is also important for wine storage. A 70% relative humidity will help keep the cork soft in order to seal oxygen out. If the air is too dry and the cork dries out, exposure to oxygen will prematurely age the wine. If the air is too humid mold can form on labels. Too much humidity can also damage the cork, and the smell of the cork can seep into the wine.

At Horse Ridge Cellars

Our 3 Stage Temperature Protection give our clients peace of mind that no other facility in the area can offer.

Stage 1: Geo-Thermal Heating and Cooling System

HRC’s employs a state of the art geo-thermal heating and cooling system to maintain an ideal temperature and humidity for wine storage. This system produces an energy exchange between the facility and the earth to stabilize HRC’s temperature to a regular 55°F. Coupled with self-regulating humidifiers, the system is super-efficient and good for the planet.

Stage 2: Backup Generators and Fuel Efficiency

HRC’s heating and cooling equipment is fully supplemented to protect against a natural disaster. We have backup generators to run our heating and cooling system. Since our systems are extremely efficient, we can extend the output of our cooling system for long periods of time – even with low fuel reserves.

Stage 3: Natural Underground Insulation

When all else fails, being underground has a major advantage, unlike any other storage facility in the area.

HRC is protected by and insulated with 8-10 feet of earth. So – during a fuel shortage or after a catastrophic event, HRC’s can still maintain an ideal temperature of 55º and 70% humidity without any systems running. This way the outside weather never affects the inside temperature – just like the pre-industrial practice of storing wine in underground caves.

  • Tip: When comparing wine storage facilities – make sure that your wine will be safe during natural disasters, long blackouts and fuel shortages.