Inventory Control

What we do

HRC manually inventories every bottle that comes in. This ensures that our records match up with yours, and so there are no unresolved questions down the road.

We then input your wine into a proprietary Wine Inventory Management System (WIMS). A list of your wines is available online. We track by vintage, producer, wine type, region and bottle size. WIMS also indicates whether your wine is in original wood or corrugated, so you can better appraise your wine for sale.


Why we do it better

HRC cares about your investment and goes above and beyond to ensure the quality of your collection.

We inspect every bottle that arrives here. Sometimes bottles have unusual wear:  the cork is dry and falling in; the fill level is unusually low; the shipment felt a little too warm when it arrived here. We keep an eye out for these things and let you know of potential problems with your wine investment.

Our staff has over 25 years combined experience identifying bottles and matching them up to our comprehensive database of rare, common and fine wine.  That way your inventory listings are always accurate and there’s no guessing about mystery wines that you may or may not have ordered.

We have developed a double check and annotation tracking method for all incoming and outgoing wine. So in 5 years, if you have a question about a bottle that you may or may not have pulled – we can tell you exactly when and why you removed it.