What to Know

Wine may be expensive, have sentimental value, or just need to be stored in a safe place. There are risks when you entrust your wines’ safety to a storage facility. Things you should ask:

  • Will someone be able to get at my collection?
  • How safe is it from breakage? From disturbances?
  • What systems are in place to prevent access to my wine?

At Horse Ridge Cellars

Our warehouse is not only underground, but is protected by 1.5 ft thick concrete walls. We have a 12 ton safe door barring the entrance and intrusion detection systems. We also have flood and fire alarms as well as fire suppression equipment.

We don’t publish our address. We also require visits by appointment only. And we are not a self-storage or locker based wine facility. So you never have to worry about strangers sizing up or having access your collection.

Also – because we specialize in storage and aging wine, our staff handles your bottles as little as possible. This minimizes the risk of accidents that are far more likely to occur in storage facilities that specialize in wine brokering and auction.

Of course we also have a trained staff of wine professionals who understand the value of your wine and are always looking out for its safety.