Storage Rates: $1.50 – $2.50 per box / month

We keep wine in Original Wood Cases (OWCs), unless the box is too damaged or has mold. Otherwise:

  • 375mL and 750mL bottles are repacked into our 12-pack corrugated storage boxes.
  • 1.5L bottles are repacked into our 6-pack corrugated storage boxes.
  • All larger formats not in OWC are stored separately in protective styrofoam boxes
Number of Boxes Fee Per Box Per Month
1-25 Boxes* $2.50
26-99 Boxes $2.00
100-499 Boxes $1.75
500 or more Boxes $1.50

* See Minimum Storage Charge (below)


*Minimum Storage Charge: $375 (25 boxes x 6 months)

Any client that has less than 25 boxes, or wine in storage less than 6 months will be billed for the minimum storage charge. If you have less than 25 boxes and are planning to grow your collection at HRC – contact us. We can create a storage package based on your current and future collection needs.


Handling Fees:  $1 per incoming box; $1 per outgoing box or bottle

This is pretty standard for wine storage facilities:

  • We charge $1 for each box coming in or leaving from HRC.
  • We charge $1 for each individual bottle that you ask us to pull from a box/case at HRC.


Inventory Fee: $60.00 per hour

We charge a $60.00 per hour inventory fee. This covers reconciliations, repacking, and reconditioning slightly damaged OWCs. Additions to existing collections will be billed a minimum of one-quarter hour.


Corrugated Storage Boxes: $7.50 per box

We repack bottles in double reinforced corrugated boxes to ensure safety while in storage. We keep wine in original wood cases (OWCs) and original corrugated (OC) boxes when possible.


Shipping:  $8 – $15 per styrofoam box + cost of shipping

We use styrofoam shipping boxes to provide extra protection while in transit.

The cost of shipping is based on UPS or FedEx shipping rates.

Type of Shipper Cost
(12) 750 mL or (6) 1.5L bottles $15.00
(1) 3L, 5L, or 6L bottle $15.00
(6) 750mL or fewer bottles $8.00
(3) 1.5L or fewer bottles $8.00
OWCs / Wood boxes $5.00


Rush Handling Fee: $20 per box

We charge a rush handling fee, for each box that requires pickup, shipping or delivery outside our normal inventory and repacking services.


Transportation: Contact us

Transportation charges will be quoted upon inquiry. Overnight shipping services can be arranged at the customer’s expense. Horse Ridge Cellars offers free or discounted delivery/pick-up service based upon frequency and size of the order. Contact us for more information.


Labor & Special Projects: $60.00 per hour

Any other service provided by Horse Ridge Cellars is $60.00 per hour. Minimum charge of one-quarter hour.


Insurance: 1.5% of your declared value

Wine insured through our facility is protected against any kind of loss, fire, theft, breakage and water damage. Insurance costs 1.5% of the value as declared by you. Insurance is not required.

All other services and fees will be by mutual agreement between the customer and Horse Ridge Cellars.